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Duo Del'Ato

Tiago Delgado - Clarinet

Daniel Inamorato - Piano

Recital 1: Time & Motion
Duo Del'Ato


This Recital was Premiered in Newfoundland, Canada in 2021 at Memorial University, St. John. The repertoire includes a variety of 20th Century Music from Brazil, Canada, USA and Europe.

Duo Del'Ato will also talk to the audience about the pieces and explain the connections between their styles.

Time & Motion

Gra for Solo Clarinet (1993)                                              Elliott Carter


Nocturne for Clarinet and Piano Op. 26 (1977)                Jacques Hetú                                                                                                (1938-2010)

4 Pieces for Clarinet and Piano Op. 5 (1913)                       Alban Berg

          I. Mässig                                                                    (1885-1935)           II. Sehr langsam

         III. Sehr rasch

         IV. Langsam

Sonata Breve for Solo Piano (1947)               Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez

          I. Energico                                                                  (1897-1948)

         II. Largo e Pesante

        III. Impetuoso

Águas Claras for Clarinet and Piano (1991)     Edmundo Villani-Côrtes


Time Pieces for Clarinet and Piano Op. 43 (1983)     Robert Muczynski

          I. Allegro risoluto                                                      (1929-2010)            II. Andante espressivo

          III. Allegro moderato

          IV. Andante molto – alegro energico


Tiago Delgado - Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

Daniel Inamorato - Piano

Brazilian musicians Tiago Delgado and Daniel Inamorato met as students at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University and quickly realized that they had an obvious musical compatibility.

Mr. Delgado and Mr. Inamorato both come from humble beginnings, having to fight hard for a career that wasn't necessarily a given.

They share a very humanitarian approach to life and to music making, where their concerns and care for each sound and musical passage shows the essence and passion they have for Chamber Music and for the Communities they serve.

Duo Del'Ato


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Siqueira Clarinet Sonatina III
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