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          A safe haven for instrument lovers, the toy piano sanctuary rescues, restores and makes it available to the general public a number of instruments that are normally inaccessible. Starting with toy pianos and chord organs, my mission is to tell the story of these instruments and how they went from children’s toys to concert hall commodities.

          While presenting its history and the repertoire composed for Toy Pianos from 1947 to 2020, we will stimulate the general public to embrace their curiosity and natural desire to touch these adorable instruments and approach music learning from a pleasure filled angle.

          There has been a prevalent pattern in my years collecting toy pianos: Everyone wants one. Everyone wants to touch them, hear them and have them. Fortunately, many composers have already incorporated these instruments into their regular repertoire, suggesting that there is room in our society for toy piano in music schools and orchestras.

          From restoration and historic preservation, to education, creation and social engagement, we then arrive at the third part of this project, working on technological development and the creation of new generations of instruments that are portable, intelligent, inclusive and affordable. We are in the unique position of having access to documents from our predecessors that detail their choices in design, marketing and use of such instruments, having these instruments physically still present with us, but in a new era with renewed fashion and purposes.

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    Our Collection   

1890's Bliss

Toy Piano

 Schoenhut from year 1900

Eight keys, fully functional Chime Piano

Performance Tip:

If using a new instrument, take the top wood out for better resonance, and unscrew the legs to facilitate performance; this way you can pile them up and perform using many toy pianos at once!

2018 Japanese Kawai

Messy Living Room, moving to a new home with so many instruments took some energy!

More pictures will be added soon

Color Coded Grand Toy Piano with prolonged legs!

Color Coding the keyboard keys has proven to be a reliable associative pedagogical device to help young students. Many mid 20th century toy pianos already came color coded, even with wildly varied and inconsistent tuning. I would caution against the overuse of colors, as students might develop system overdependence. Nevertheless, if students have a hard time reading music, colors can definitely bridge student's memories to the abstract universe of music notation!

Unique Leg Length!

This is an annually long legged instrument.

As children grow up, their instruments grow with them and the legs had to be adapted to toddlers learning how to stand up.

Play AWay Tin Toy Piano with music scores attached!

Uncle Sam's Tin Baby Grand







Did you know that John Cage composed a Toy Piano Suite in 1948? It is a fairly simple five movements piece, written also with techniques that are just meant for the grand piano, as the piece can also be performed in regular instruments. Look at the left hand, notice that he wants the initial sound to be sustained, what is not possible in toy pianos (as the metal vibration has a short life span). This suite actually sounds really good if played in multiple toy pianos at once, or when alternating instruments with slightly different tuning.











We have two of these instruments in our collection. To find out more about the restoration process and see the inside of the instrument please visit Loren Ludwig's webpage:

There were 50 songs made into Rolls at the time that this instrument came out. The Rolls I have are listed bellow, you can soon watch them all at The Toy Piano Sanctuary's YouTube Channel:

1- Oh Shine On, Shine On Harvest Moon


2 - No. P6 Sweet Sue (Just You)
C 1928 Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Inc.

Renewal Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Inc., NY, NY

J. Chein & CO Burlington N. J.

3 - No. P-3 Frosty The Snow Man

C 1950 Hill and Range Songs Inc., NY NY

J. CHEIN & CO Burlington NJ

4 - No. D -3 The Old Piano Roll Blues

C 1949 by LEEDS Music Corp.

5 - No. P – 7 Seet Georgia Brown

Bernie, Pinkard, Casecy

C 1925 Jerome H. Remick & CO

J. CHEIN & CO Burlington NJ

6 - No. P – 2 In The Good Old Summertime

7 - No. E-1 Aint She Sweet (Ager – Yellen)

C 1927 By Advanced Music Corp.

Copyright renewed

J. CHEIN & CO Burlington N

8 - No. P – 2 In The Good Old Summertime

J. Chein & CO Burlington N. J.

9 - Frosty the Snow Man

10 - No. D -3 The Old Piano Roll Blues

C 1949 by LEEDS Music Corp.

J. Chein & CO Burlington N. J.

11 - No. P -1

Alexander’s Ragtime Band

C 1911 by Irving Berling

Renewal 1938 Irving Verling New York N. Y.

Made in USA J. Chein & CO

12 - No. A – 1

Here Comes Santa Claus

(Gene Autry, Oakly Haldeman)

J. CHEIN & CO Burlington NJ

13 - No A – 5

Rudolph The Red -Nosed Reindeer

C 1949 by St Nicholas Music INC.

J. CHEIN & CO Burlington NJ

14 - Come on and hear

Come on and hear

Alexander’s Rag Time Band

C 1911 by Irving Berlim

Made in USA J. CHEIN & CO

Repertoire tip 1:

Isida Kazue Rockzaemon is a Japanese composer, toy piano collector and performer.

He composed hundreds of pieces for toy piano that are very charming and well constructed! He will most likely send you PDFs of his scores if you write him a nice email! Make sure to send him a gift or MONEY as appreciation!

His email:


Check his pieces:

Aves - 60 Preludes for Celesta or Toy Piano.

Florum - 360 Pieces for Toy Pianos.

Repertoire tip 2

The Toy Piano Digital Library:

Casspinette Toy Piano

Unnamed Toy Piano

Very rarely we encounter a toy piano that apparently wasn't developed by a big corporation, with odd bones and its unique color and shape!

BC Toy Piano