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​​                                                   EDUCATION

Master Degree in Music– Indiana University Jacobs School of Music                                               2012-2015

  • Awarded the Jacobs Scholarship and Fellowship - Full Scholarship to Major in Piano Performance

  • Piano instructor: Arnaldo Cohen

  • Outside Area: Choral Conducting and Orchestral Score Reading

  • Extensive experience as collaborative pianist at the instrumental studios of Jeff Nelsen, Mauricio Fucks, James Campbell, Atar Arad and vocal studios of Carol Vaness and Andreas Poulimenos

  • Piano accompanist at Conducting Contemporary Music Class taught by Dr. David Dzubay

Performer Diploma – Indiana University Jacobs School of Music                                                      2011-2012  

  • Awarded the Jacobs Scholarship and Fellowship - Full Scholarship to Major in Piano Performance

  • Piano Instructors: Arnaldo Cohen and Jean-Louis Haguenauer. Jazz instructor: David Baker

  • Extensive experience as piano accompanist for the instrumental studios of Kvork Mardirossian, Peter Stumpf, Howard Klug and vocal studio of Robert Harrison.

  • Voice lessons with Carol Vaness; Chamber Music lessons with Emile Naoumoff and Edmund Battersby; Classes in Music History; Dance and Body Alignment.

Bachelor in Music - University of São Paulo, Brazil                                                                           2005-2010 

  • Major: Piano Performance

  • Piano Instructors: Dr. Eduardo Monteiro and Dr. Luciana Sayuri Shimabuco

  • PIBIC Scholarship for Scientific Research in Music

Music Conservatory  – Fundação das Artes de São Caetano do Sul, Brazil                                        1994-2004

  • Major: Piano Performance. Classes where divided in following categories: Harmony, Counterpoint, Rhythmic Organization and Practice, Sight Singing, Choir, Chamber Music, Music History.

  • Piano Instructors: Dr. Luciana Sayuri Shimabuco, Marisa Rosana Lacorte, Dr. Alexandre Zamith, Dr. Rogerio Zaghi.



                                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Adjunct Lecturer of Applied Music in Piano at University of William & Mary.                                   2022-2023                                            

Artist in Residence at A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute University of North Carolina Schools of the Arts.        2022

  • Vocal Coach and Rehearsal Pianist for the Opera Volpone by John Musto (30 hours/week for 10 weeks).

           - Director: Eve Summer. Conductor: Dr. John McKeever.

  • Vocal Coach and Rehearsal Pianist for the 20th Year Anniversary Gala Concert with Fletcher Fellows and guests Rene Barbera, Kathleen Felty and Kyle Guglielmo. Conductor: Dr. James Allbritten.

  • Collaborative pianist for Dr. Marilyn Taylor's studio lessons.

  • Rehearsing tenor Rene Barbera for his performance as Nadir (The Pearl Fishers) with the Dallas Opera.

  • Rehearsing tenor Jonathan Johnston for performance at Chancellor Residence for the Board of Trustees.

Piano Accompanist – Christopher Newport University.                                                                        2019-2022

  • Duties include accompanying school auditions and opera auditions; University Chorale conducted by Dr. John Irving; choir conducting lessons; voice lessons and voice juries. Hired through independent hourly contract in both the Music and Theater Departments.

Harpsichord Performer at Colonial Williamsburg Governor's Musik Palace Concerts ( 7 Performances)     2021

Piano and Voice Faculty at The Music Post in Newposrt News, VA.                                                    2021-2022

  • Duties include teaching piano and voice students of all ages, including students with disabilities such as Down Snydrome, Autism and Blindness.

Piano Accompanist - University of  William & Mary.                                                                          2020-2021 

  • Chamber Music Performances with cello, clarinet, violin, viola, flute, bassoon, oboe students in recitals, competitions and juries. Hired through independent hourly contract according to demand.

Piano Faculty - Hampton Academy of Music, Dance and Drama Inc.                                                 2019-2021

  • Pre-college piano teaching.

Counselor and Practicing Coach - Indiana University Summer Piano Academy                                 2014-2021

  • Coordinator: Dr. Karen Taylor. Duties include practicing coach the students for three weeks during IU’s summer piano program, average 60 piano students, ages 10-18yo.


Music Director and Sunday Performer at Wallace Memorial United Methodist Church.                     2021-2022

Guest Lecturer at University of Pernambuco - PROBEM do CAC.                                                      2021-2022

  • Lecture in Body Alignment for Musicians. Music, Neurodiversity and Memory.

Founder of The Toy Piano Sanctuary and Neurodiversity Music Institute                                                    2020

Musical Theater Rehearsal Pianist and Performer – Hampton University.                                                    2019

  • Rehearsal pianist and four performances of Musical Ain't Misbehavin by Murray Horwitz and Richard Maltby Jr. (1978) with the Hampton Players.

Piano Faculty – Music on the Square – Greencastle, IN.                                                                      2018-2019

  • Coordinator: Mark Rabideau. DePauw University’s community teaching and pre-college program.

Orchestral Pianist – Bloomington Symphony Orchestra – Bloomington, IN.                                       2017-2018

  • Conductor: Alejandro Gómez Guillén. Duties included performing the piano part of orchestral repertoire.

​Part Time Piano Accompanist – DePauw University                                                                            2015-2019

  • Coordinator: Dr. Amanda Hopson. Duties included accompanying instrumental and vocal studios in lessons, recitals, recordings and competitions.

  • Pianist and substitute teacher at vocal technique class for beginners.

Piano Faculty - Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Young Pianists Program.                      2014-2019

  • Coordinator: Dr. Karen Taylor. Teaching students 4 -18 years old.

  • Duties included being responsible for all Neurodiverse students with Asperger Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, ODD, Dyspraxia or any Pathology.

1st and 2nd Indiana University Tanguero Summer Workshop for Musicians                                      2014-2015

  • Organizer, Piano Faculty and Tango Quartet in Residence

Rehearsal Pianist – Theatro Sao Pedro. Sao Paulo, Brazil                                                                            2011

  • Opera Carmen by Georges Bizet.

Recording Pianist - JukeBox Music Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil.                                                                    2010

  • Piano recordings for movies and TV series.

Piano Accompanist and Choir Conductor –Projeto Guri Santa Marcelina. Sao Paulo, Brazil.           2009-2010

  • Largest music education program of São Paulo, focused on teaching underprivileged students ages 8-18.

Production Coordinator - Fundação Maria Luiza and Oscar Americano. Sao Paulo, Brazil               2008-2010

  • Chamber Music Series Production Coordinator.

Piano Accompanist - Private studio of Tenor Benito Maresca, Sao Paulo, Brazil.                              2008-2009

Piano Accompanist - International Music Festival of Londrina. Parana, Brazil.                                          2007

  • Duties included accompanying conducting classes of maestro Daisuke Soga, as well as singers and instrumentalists in lessons and performances.

Rehearsal Pianist, Piano Performer and Audition Pianist –Teatro Abril, São Paulo, Brazil                  2005-2008

  • Full Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon (played in more than 200 performances).

Music Teacher - Estação Especial da Lapa, São Paulo, Brazil                                                            2005-2007

  • Specialized instruction working with neurodiverse students of all ages, also including Blindness, Deafness, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Muscle Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder,  and other phisical and neurological disorders.


                                             COMMERCIAL RECORDINGS

  • Williams, Soro & Holguín: Violin Sonatas – A XX Century collection of Sonatas for violin and piano from Argentine, Chile and Colombia; recorded with violinist Madalyn Parnas. Label Acqua Records (Naxos Direct) Released in 2020. Music by composers: Alberto Williams, Guillermo Uribe Holguin, Enrique Soro Barriga.

  • La Marca de Fuego. Traditional Argentinean Tango with Quarteto Tanguero. Label Tanguero Inc. Released in 2015. Three Tandas in the style of Carlos Di Sarli and Rodolfo Biagi.

  • Danza del Parque de Las Acacias. A Collection of Solo Piano Music from Mexico and Brazil.             Label IU-Music.  Released in 2013.   Music by composers: Gabriela Ortiz, Edino Krieger, Francisco Cortez-  Alvares, Marlos Nobre, Ronaldo Miranda, Ernst Mahle, Edson Zanpronha,  Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez, Villa- Lobos, Eduardo Dutra.

                                            AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS


  • Award Excellence in Teaching – 2018 Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition.                  2018

  • $10.000 Scholarship to participate at the BNDES International Piano Competition.                          2014

  • $20.000 Scholarship provided by Brazilian businessman Renato Abreu.                                  2013-2014

  • Barbara and David Jacobs Fellowship. Seven semesters of full tuition at Indiana University.  2011-2014

  • Indiana University Scholarship of Excellence Award.                                                                2011-2012


                                                 MUSIC COMPETITIONS

  • Judge at Eleanor R. Williamson I Piano Competition. Chesapeake VA                                                  2023

  • 1st Prize Winner. II Latin American Music Recording Competition. Jacobs School of Music.             2012

  • 2nd Prize Winner. Mozart Piano Concerto Competition. Jacobs School of Music.                                2012

  • 1st Prize Winner. Bauru/Atlanta Piano Competition. Atlanta, USA`                                                      2010

  • 1st Prize Winner and a prize for Best Brazilian Music Interpreter – I National Piano Competition “Luiz Thomaszeck”. Minas Gerais/Brazil.                                                                                                        2009

  • Prize Winner.  I CMU Young Soloists Competition. University of São Paulo, Brazil.                           2009

·       3rd Prize Winner and a Prize of Best French Music Interpreter – Grand Magda Tagliaferro Piano Competition                                                                                                                                                     2009

·       1st Prize Winner. X Latin American Artlivre Competition. Sao Paulo, Brazil.                                     2007

·       1st Prize Winner. I National Chamber Music Competition. Londrina/Brazil.                                       2006

·       1st Prize Winner. XVIII Chamber Music Artlivre Competition, Duo Cantabile.                                  2005

·       2nd Prize Winner and a Prize for best Brazilian music interpreter - Semana Guiomar Novaes Piano Competition, Brazil.                                                                                                                                       2003

·       1st Prize Winner.  IV Cubatão Piano Competition. Chamber Music Cathegory.                                  2003

·       1st Prizes Winner in three different categories of the XVIII Artlivre Piano Competition. First Prize at Brazilian Music Category. Young Talents Category. Beatriz Balzi Category.                                               2002

·       2nd Prize Winner. III National Brazilian Music Competition of Tatuí.                                                 2002

·       Special Honor Prize at the II Semana Guiomar Novaes Piano Competion.                                          2002

·       1st Prize Winner in two categories of the III Maestro Rodrigues Tavares Piano Competition.            2002

·       2nd Prize Winner. IX Magda Tagliaferro Piano Competition. Brazil.                                                   2002

1st Prize Winner. XIV Artlivre Piano Competition. Brazil.                                                                           2001

·       2nd Prize Winner and a prize for best Brazilian music interpreter at the XV Brazilian Young Interpreters Competition. Brazil.                                                                                                                                        2001

·       2nd Prize Winner . XIII Artlivre Piano Competition. Brazil.                                                                 2000

·       1st Prize Winner. IX Souza Lima National Competition. Brazil.                                                           2000

·       1st Prize Winner. VIII Magda Tagliaferro Piano Competition. Brazil.                                                  2000

·       2nd Prize Winner. II Nacional Piano Competition of São Caetano do Sul. Brazil.                                2000

·       1st Prize Winner. XVI “Paulo Gionanini" Piano Competition. Brazil.                                                  1999

·       1st Prize Winner. XII Artlivre Piano Competition. Brazil.                                                                     1999

·       1st Prize Winner. V “Maestro Spartaco Rossi” Brazilian Music Competition. Brazil.                          1999

·       1st Prize Winner. National Piano Competition of São Caetano do Sul. Brazil.                                     1999

·       1st Prize Winner. VI Magda Tagliaferro Piano Competition. Sao Paulo, Brazil.                                   1997

·       1st Prize Winner. V Ourinhos National Piano Competition. Brazil.                                                      1996

·       2nd Prize Winner with Honors. “Ourinhos” National Piano Competition. Brazil.                                1995

·       1st Prize Winner. - "José Mandelli" Piano Competition.   Brazil.                                                          1995




  • Book Chapter. Neurodiversity and piano education: a dialogue between the Suzuki philosophy and Neurocience. Music and Neuroscience research in pedagogy and health. Publisher: UNIFESP. Language: Portuguese.                                                                                                                                               2023

  • Review and Text. Strange Land - Experimental Piano Works for Children.                                           2020 

        Composer/Author: Daniel Rofer. Languages: English/Portuguese/Spanish.

  • Piano Reduction of Bela Bartok's Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.                                       2018

  • Preface of the book Multiple views on music and inclusion.                                                                  2016

        Author: Viviane Louro. Publisher: SOM  Language: Portuguese.                                                                                                                            

  • Critical Edition. Interpretative analysis of Sonata Breve composed by Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez, a Comparative Analysis of Recordings and New Score Edition. University of Sao Paulo.                       2010


  • Critical Edition of music score by composer Henrique Oswald – Pagina D’Album Op. 3 No. 2, Sognando for Violoncello and Piano. Presented at the 15º International Symposium of Scientific Studies, at University of Sao Paulo (USP- SIICUSP)                                                                                                2007


  • Research topic: Music and Mathematics: The Gold Proportion in Bela Bartok’s Music. Fundacao das Artes de Sao Caetano do Sul. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Language: Portuguese                                                2003



                                             SELECTED PERFORMANCES

  • Piano Soloist with UFPE Orchestra. Lorenzo Fernandez's Symphonic Variations on a Popular Brazilian Folk Theme for Piano and Orchestra. Conductor Sergio Dias. Pernambuco, Brazil                          2022 

  • Harpsichord Concert at Williamsburg Art Museum Hennage Auditorium. Williamsburg, VA.        2022

       G. F. Handel - Nine German Songs.

       Soprano: Dr. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk; Violin: Susan Via; Viola da Gamba: Brady Lanier

  • Chamber Music Recital Duo Del'Ato at Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada                   2021

  • 7 performances as harpsichord player with Governor's Musik Ensemble at Colonial Williamsburg 2021

  • Trio Chamber Music Recital at Bruton Parish Hall, Williamsburg, VA                                            2021

  • Trio Chamber Music Recital at Northern Neck Orchestra Chamber Series, Northerneck, VA         2021

  • Performances with Christopher Newport University Chorale, conductor Dr. John Irving. 2019-2020-2021 

  • Chamber Music recital with violinist Dr. Moises Cunha in Weems, Virginia                                   2019


  • Solo piano recital opening the Greencastle Summer Series. Music Director: Eric Edberg. Included the premier of Eduardo Dutra’s Six Miniatures for Solo Piano.                                                              2018


  • Computer Music Recital. Directed by Jeffrey Hass and John Gibson. Premier of a solo piece at Auer Hall, Jacobs School of Music. Composer: Brady Lanier - Reclaiming, Remembering and Reinventing, for Five Toy Pianos, Electronics and Butoh Dancer.                                                                                       2018


  • Harpsichord and Vocal Performances at the Bloomington Early Music Festival. HPI Goes Pop Ensemble.                                                                                                                                                     2015-2018


  • Chamber Music Performance with oboist Alex Klein (principal oboist of Chicago Symphony) at Arts Club of Chicago.                                                                                                                                 2017


  • Chamber Music Performance with hornist Robert Danforth (principal horn of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra). Performance at Green Center for the Performing Arts at DePauw University.               2017


  • Chamber Music Performance as a member of Quarteto Tanguero. Opening Concert at the Notre Dame Concert Series Season 2015/2016.                                                                                                      2015      

  • Master Degree Solo Recital. Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University.                                        2015


  • Recital Lecture: “From Piazolla to Traditional Tango”. University of Notredame.                            2015


  • Milonga Performance at Chicago Marathon. Cuarteto Tanguero.                                                       2015


  • Concert with SEK Symphony and Cuarteto Tanguero at the Pittsburg State University, KS.            2015


  • Live vocal performance at WFIU 103.7 with Historical Performance Institute Ensemble.                2015


  • Performer Diploma Solo Recital. Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University.                                 2014


  • Concert with Cuarteto Tanguero at the UChicago Tango Festival, University of Chicago.                2014


  • Milonga Concert and Dance Class at Mad City Live Tango. Cuarteto Tanguero with Dancers Homer and Cristina Ladas.                                                                                                                                     2014


  • Tango Workshop and Masterclass at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.                               2014


  • Milonga Concert and Dance Class at Cincinatti Tango del Barrio. Cuarteto Tanguero.                     2014


  • Live radio performance as member of Cuarteto Tanguero at the Radio WFIU 103.7. Program Classical Music with George Walker.                                                                                                                  2014


  • Concert as member of Cuarteto Tanguero at Indiana University Summer Concert Series.                 2014


  • Chamber music performance at Winter Harbor Music Festival, Maine, USA                                    2012  


  • Solo Piano Recital and Master Class at Concertos Tribanco Uberlandia. Minas Gerais, Brazil.        2012 


  • Solo Piano Recital at Fundacao Maria Luiza e Oscar Americano’s Piano Serie. Music Director: Gilberto Tineti.                                                                                                                                                   2012


  • Chamber Music Recital with clarinetist Fernando Jose Silveira at the Centro de Musica Brasileira in Sao Paulo, Brazil.                                                                                                                                        2012


  • Pianist at Latin American Music Ensemble with guest artist bassist Pablo Aslan at the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University.                                                                                                                    2011


  • Solo Piano Recital at Georgia State University. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.                                             2011


  • Piano Soloist with Philarmonic Orchestra of São Caetano do Sul, Brazil.                                          2010


  • Piano Soloist with Symphonic Orchestra of Goiás, Brazil.                                                                  2010


  • Chamber music performance with violist Ori Kam at FEMUSC, Santa Catarina, Brazil                    2010


  • Piano Soloist with Chamber Orchestra of University of São Paulo.                                                    2009


  • Solo recitals at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture MUBE in São Paulo       2001/2004/2005/2006/2008


  • Chamber music performance with bassist Milton Masciadre. FEMUSC, Brazil                                  2008  


  • Four hand piano concert tour as member of . Four cities in the South of Brazil                                   2007


  • Solo Piano Recital at the Second Special Education Symposium of Sao Paulo, Brazil                        2005


  • Piano Soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of São Caetano do Sul, Sao Paulo, Brazil                   1996



  •  Music Interpreter - Documentary Way Beyond Weight (Muito Além Do Peso)                                  2012

                      Director: Estela Renner.  Website:

  • Music Interpreter - TV Serie - Brazilian Channel TV Cultura - Tudo que é Sólido Pode Derreter      2009

                                     -   Directors: Rafael Gomes; Esmir Filho

                                             CONFERENCES AND LECTURES


  • University of Pernambuco (UFPE) - Lecture in Piano Pedagogy                                                            2021

  • University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) - Lecturer in Piano Accompaniment and Music Profession.             2021

  • University of Bahia (UFB) - Lecturer in Piano as a Profession.                                                              2020

  • International Conference of Neurosciences in Contemporary Society. Attendee.          Rio de Janeiro 2006

  • III Special Education and Music Symposium. Attendee and Performer.                               Sao Paulo 2006



     ​                                      JAPANESE BUTOH EXPERIENCE

  • Online Group Master Class with Yuri Nagaoka and Seisaku.                                                      Japan 2020


  • Intensive Workshop and performance with Tadashi Endo on Butoh-Ma                                 Chicago 2019


  • Solo Performance at Indiana University. Premiere of Brady Lanier’s Reclaiming, Remembering, Reinventing for 5 Toy Pianos, Electronics and Butoh Dancer                                          Bloomington 2018


  • Body Ritual Movement Workshop and Performances with Diego Pinon             Tlalpujahua, Mexico 2017


  • Butoh Workshop with Ken Mai                                                                                                 Chicago 2017


  • Body Ritual Movement Workshop and Performances with Diego Pinon                               New York 2017


  • Intensive Workshop with Michael Sakamoto on Butoh Hip Hop                                              Chicago 2016


  • Intensive Workshop with Tadashi Endo on Butoh-Ma                                                              Chicago 2016


  • Butoh Class with Sara Zalek                                                                                                      Chicago 2016

                             OPERA AND MUSICAL THEATER EXPERIENCE

  • Vocal Coach and Rehearsal Pianist for the full  production of Opera Volpone at UNCSA at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.                   

  • Vocal Coach, Rehearsal Pianist and Piano Performer for full production of Ain't Misbehavin' at Hampton University.                                                                                                                              

  • Rehearsal Pianist, Piano Performer and Conductor for the Musical Maria de Buenos Aires at Indiana University.

  • Ballet Pianist for the Indiana University Dance Department

  • Rehearsal Pianist for Opera Carmen at Teatro Sao Pedro, in Sao Paulo city.

  • Rehearsal Pianist, Piano Performer and Audition Pianist for Phamtom of the Opera at Teatro Abril

  • Rehearsal Pianist, Piano Performer and Audition Pianist for Miss Saigon at Teatro Abril

  • Audition Pianist for Musical The Producers at Teatro Procopio Ferreira

  • 20 Years experience as Piano Performer for hundreds of singers in lessons, auditions, NATS, recitals, recording sections such as the voice studios of Benito Maresca, Carol Vaness and many others.

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