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                                     BUTOH PERFORMANCE

     A life long desire to learn Japanese Butoh has been following me around since my teens, when I saw my younger sister Fabiana Louro dancing in a theatrical play. In 2016 I was finally ready to actively pursue it, and since then, this most unique Japanese form of expression, famously called "the dance of the darkness", became my gateway to explore my darkest corners. I traveled to Chicago, New York and Mexico to learn and perform with amazing Butoh dancers that inspired me deeply. Here I share a few pictures and videos of projects I developed in conjunction with contemporary music composers and other dancers. You will find a list of pieces I am currently performing that involve Butoh, Toy Pianos, Electronic Music and Sound Sculpture in this                 ; under Solo Recitals: Nebula's Toys. 

Inamorato butoh 4.jpg
Butoh chicago 2.jpg
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