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Academic Biography

Daniel Inamorato is a multidisciplinary performing artist and pedagogue from Brazil. He moved to the United States in 2011 and has worked at Indiana University, DePauw University, Hampton University, Christopher Newport University, University of North Carolina School of the Arts; and is now Adjunct Lecturer of Applied Music in Piano at University of William & Mary.
His areas of expertise include Piano Performance (Solo-Chamber-Collaborative); Harpsichord
Performance; Japanese Butoh Dance; Opera Coach; Vocal Technique; Choral Conducting; Toy Piano Repertoire-Performance-Historic Research; Inclusive Education (also known as Special Needs Education); Neurodiversity within Pedagogic contexts; Political Performance Art and LGBTQ+ activism.
As a Recording Artist Mr. Inamorato tends to give emphasis to obscure repertoire that has been
historically neglected. His recordings for Naxos, Acqua Records and IU Music Labels include extremely rare recordings from composers such as Uribe, Soro, Williams, Ortiz, Cortez, Dutra, and many other relevant composers from early 20th Century Latin America, as well as current composers with whom Mr. Inamorato partners to create new music and performance practices.
Working most frequently on the intersection of contemporary music and Butoh dance; Mr. Inamorato has studied avant-garde movements to develop his own language as a performer. His influences include Michael Duchamp, John Cage, Gilberto Mendes, Pina Bausch, Pat Steir, Arnold Schoenberg, Theodor Adorno, Carl Yung, Kazuo Ohno, Diego Piñon and many others that inspired generations of artists.
Topics of research include Archetypical Gestures; Process in Self-Managed Creative Arts; Chance Music; Aesthetics of Deconstruction and Liberation; Mirror Neurons in Music Education; Empowerment through Body Ritual Movement; Political Art; Dodecaphonism; Gestural Mutilation and Trauma-based Creative Processes. Mr. Inamorato now teaches other performers how to use historic references to build their own aesthetic values while still keeping a lively and empowered inner voice and sense of self.
At Indiana University, Mr. Inamorato received the highest awards the institution offers (a Jacobs
Fellowship and a Barbera Scholarship) to become a graduate student at the prestigious Jacobs School of Music. With more than 40 first prizes in piano competitions, Mr. Inamorato played his first solo with an orchestra at age 9 and performs regularly as a soloist, chamber musician and teacher in the US, Brazil Mexico and Canada.
He teaches classes in Piano Pedagogy and Inclusive Education, and has taught hundreds of music
students of all ages that were diagnosed with Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, oppositional defiant
disorder, ADHD, blindness, deafness, Down syndrome, dyspraxia, dyslexia and many other syndromes and physical disabilities. His sister Dr. Viviane Louro is the most acclaimed specialist and inclusive education in Latin America, and together they develop multiple programs to help teachers navigate inclusion.
Mr. Inamorato is the founder and director of The Toy Piano Sanctuary & Neurodiversity Music Institute; director and curator of A Teia de Idéias (a company based in Pernambuco, Brazil, that builds affordable pedagogical materials and assists people in adapting instruments in order to make them inclusive. He also directs an online program to help Latin American students to apply to
schools abroad. To sign up to one of his projects:
More information about Mr. Inamorato can be found at and please follow him on YouTube:

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