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Piano and Cello Recital at University of William & Mary.  February 27th 2021

L. Beethoven - Sonata Op. 102

J. Brahms -Sonata Op. 38

Cello: Lizzy Crotty

Piano and Clarinet Recital at University of William & Mary. April 10th 2021

L. Beethoven Trio Op. 11

B. Martinu - Sonatina

C. Debussy - Premiere Rhapsody

Clarinet: Francis Reilly

Cello: Lizzy Crotty

Choir Performance with CNU's Chorale.

Conductor Dr. John Irving. April 15th 2021

Violin and Piano Recital at University of William & Mary. April 17th 2021

Roskott - Violin Concerto in G Major

Dvorak - Ronance Op. 11

Piano and Viola Recording section at William & Mary. Date to be confirmed.

R. Schumann - Marchenbulder Suite Op. 113

Online Lectures at University of Pernambuco (in Brazilian Portuguese)

Body Alignment for Musicians.

April 11th and 18th at 3:00PM EST

Conversation with students of Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF)

Collaborative Piano and Music Carrier.

April 18th at 2:00PM Brasilia Time Zone

Practicing Coach at Indiana University Piano Summer Camp. 

Director. Dr. Karen Taylor

June 19th - July 10th

Faculty at II Encontro Internacional de Pianistas on-line Crescendo.

July 3rd and 4th

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